Monday, July 15, 2013

FTTMY 18th Graduation Song

FTTMY graduation song 18th Batch
Special thanks to: Ezra Lu & Nelson Kiu

I finally finish this project after procrastinating for 2 years. To be clear, I did not play the piano. Most probably after listening you will feel some part is weird or could be improved. But well, I don't have the time already. Enjoy!

You can just take my .sib file and help improving it. Lyrics can be found here.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Browser Wars: Opera 15

Opera 15

Being someone who is very particular about the web browser he uses, I can't just ignore the new release of Opera 15.

To start off, I am always looking for a better browser because I like to open multiple tabs in a session and always keep them open. Especially when I am researching on a particular subject and doing many other things at the same time, I can have up to 50 tabs open. So an ideal browser to me has to be:
  1. Fast
  2. Stable
  3. Good tab management

Of course, we can never find the best web browser; we just choose the best from what we have.

Browser Wars Trend

Ever since Microsoft included their first ever Internet Explorer in Windows 95, it quickly became the most widely used web browser in 2002, attaining to conquering 95% of the usage share. This was also mainly because the average user simply use the browser that comes preinstalled in their computers.

The launch of the open source Mozilla Firefox (2004) as IE's greatest competitor quickly eats into IE's usage share, and by 2008 Mozilla Firefox became the most widely used web browser

It was not before long Google Chrome entered the browser wars and by 2012, Google Chrome overtook Mozilla Firefox and became the most widely used web browser, further suppressing IE. As of now, most IE users are users that merely use what comes with their computer.

As for myself, I've experience in a hand full of web browers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Chromium, SRWare Iron, Pale Moon, Netscape Navigator, Maxthon Cloud, RockMelt and others I forgot.

For Mozilla Firefox fans, I would recommend you to try out Pale Moon for better speed and performance. As for Google Chrome lovers, I would recommend you to try out SRWare Iron for privacy and security issues.

About Opera 15.0

Coming to the subject of Opera 15, Opera has finally chose to use the Chromium open source project as the base for their browser. So what does this means? In short, Opera 15 will feel like Google Chrome.

Drag-and-drop for Google Mail is available in Opera 15

Many people are against this move made by Opera but I think it is a good move. Opera 15 is more stable now. Using Chromium as the base solves many of the problems that has been haunting Opera for years. Take for example, the drag-and-drop problem with Google Mail is no longer a problem.

Android-style Speed Dial

The new Speed Dial in Opera 15 is to my liking, though there are some people who find that the integration of bookmarks and speed dials is terrible. Now the Speed Dial is more android-style where you can make folders. There is also a stash that works like a built-in Pocket (formerly Read It Later). This is cool.

Missing tab spinning and tab stacking features

Of course, Opera has also sacrificed many of their strong points in porting over to Chromium. Tab pinning and tab stacking feature is missing. Tab stacking used to one of the best things about Opera. Opera 15 also lost customizability of their browsers (Opera used to be the most customizable browser). Opera 15 can no longer boast about not needing to download add-ons to make it work better.

Private browsing in new window

Opera 15 also gave up a bunch full of their unique features like Opera Unite, Opera Dragonfly, Widgets, RSS, Notes, among others. Opera Turbo (now known as Off-Road Mode) needs to be manually enabled and private browsing has to be in a new window.

Conclusion :
Although all these sounds pretty sad, but hey, can you find a better browser? If you are short of RAM, using Mozilla Firefox (or Pale Moon) would be your best bet due to its excellent RAM management. But if you are willing to sacrifice RAM usage for better performance or if you have excessive RAM (like me), you should try out the new Opera 15.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best Final Year Project Competition

I've worked on my Best Final Year Project Competition poster for countless hours. I put in so much effort just to make it standout.

While doing this poster, I was really attracted by infographics and I also tried to make my poster look like an infographic. I think it wasn't that successful. Hahaha.

I was also trying to find the best color combination and decided that copying the Monash's theme would be nice and eye-catching. You know, I have poor creativity so I have to copy designs from people.

I was also having some disagreement with my researcher on the contents to be included in the poster. I argued that the technical details of my work is too complex that an average layman would not be able to understand. He, on the other hand, disagreed with my huge (and ahem, attractive) table, saying that the numbers have got no meaning. He said that since the algorithm is the highlight of my work, I should focus on the algorithm.

Like it or not, the general audience are not interested in the complex working mechanics; they are more interested to see how these inventions are able to be applied in real-world problems.

Anyhow, my researcher and I both arrived at a compromised consensus to include some technical contents for those who are more interested.

Long story short, I won only the third placing and my supervisor was happy for that. If you want to know how great third placing was, I was the third out of 5 contestant. That also means that I am third from behind. Hahahaha.

Even though my supervisor was happy that I won, I was more delighted when some stranger came to ask me about my work! That was the greatest achievement of the day!

The pdf version of my poster can be found here.

Posing with my poster

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Reminiscence of the time in Monash University

Our lives are for the Lord and for Him alone.

I've updated my photo frame again. Probably this would be the last time for the coming two years. If I would summarize all my years in Monash University, this photo would be it.

There is a spiritual significance behind this picture; we took it after our contacting of people in the morning. Our lives are for the Lord and for Him alone.

I've posted this photo here about 2 years ago. I had a dream that it would not be just the 8 of us but twenty, thirty, or fifty of us. Two years have passed, and I guess I would not be in the picture when that happens.

Now when I look at this picture again, one is in the FTTMY, three are going to be there this year, two are pursuing their studies in Johor Bharu, and leaving two more in Subang Jaya.

In a very real sense, the goal of the service of the campus students is that we would join the full-time training. Will that day come when all of us have gone through the training?

We may not have a chance to come together again. But Lord, we give ourselves to Thee; all our lives for Thy eternal will.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trip to Kampar and UTP

A few of us went up to Kampar and then visited the saints in UTP last month. Ironically, these were the two places that I considered to pursue my bachelor's degree.

I still remember the day I went to UTP, and I saw one of the grandest library I've ever visited. But sadly, there was no Mechatronics Engineering. I know I could've taken Electrical & Electronics Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering. But it was a long story why I wanted to study Mechatronics Engineering.

UTAR was different; they had Mechatronics Engineering. I went to their campus in Kampar. The enormous amount of students there greatly impressed me and I felt like it was a gospel preaching heaven. I immediately bought the registration form even though I can only do my foundation there. Anyhow, my mother didn't want me to study in UTAR even though I am eligible for the full scholarship there.

Now, I am in Monash University and I am graduating soon.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures:

The meeting hall of the church in Kampar.
Morning view from the meeting hall.
The few brothers who served us when we were there.
The grand library of UTP.
Thumbs up!
In one of the lecture hall.
At the top of the engineering office.
I forgot the name of this place. xD
Pak Lah's signature inscribed on that book.